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Women's Empowerment Group

Who is the WEG?

We are Women who support Women in growing,

improving, and enhancing our personal and

professional skills and experiences.

We do so by creating and fostering environments which open the pathway to meaningful connections through networking, education, and business development. We embrace women of all ages, cultures, industries, and professions. We are mentors who share experiences, challenges, and intellect to collaborate within the network and extend out into our communities

Women Practicing Yoga Outdoor

WEG offers virtual workshops to women nationally. 

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Casual Meeting

What does WEG offer?

  • Quarterly personal and professional development workshops to all women

  • Create a space for women to network, share and connect with other like-minded women

  • Private Facebook Group

  • Exclusive Discounts and Offers to Partner Personal or Professional Development Programs

Our Impact

What our members say...

Thank you, thank you, thank you!  Being part of the WEI family has been a great privilege. Your monthly meetings have proven to be an incredible instrument to connect with like-minded and driven women. The stories shared and guest speakers have had a great impact on my life personally and professionally. This opportunity opened the door into the Tech industry for me, which will allow me to transition into a new career soon. From learning about public speaking, understanding nutrition, and having doors opened in Tech, WEI has influenced my path to become more empowered about my future!


Thanks for making a positive impact in my life and I'm sure countless others!  Your efforts and passion for helping people have not gone unnoticed and are appreciated.


—  Jammie Leimgruber, WEG participant

Be a part of our Community

Best Friends
Join a network of women for empowerment & support

Join our private Facebook group where we share empowering stories, quotes, network and create community.

Join the Private Group
Enjoy personal & professional development workshop

Our partners share a vast array of knowledge from meditation and gratitude techniques to ways to network and build your career.

Helping Hands
Volunteer with Us

We have a variety of opportunities to volunteer with our organization and help to give back to the community.

Legal Research and Writing
Join our movement & share your story

We are looking to grow our blog and would love to have your insights and stories to help and encourage other women. Join our team today!

Program Details

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2022 Program Dates

Our quarterly Women's Empowerment Group workshops are held on the last Friday of the month. Please be sure to follow us on social media or subscribe to our newsletter to learn about our upcoming workshops.

Download our Upcoming Events Calendar Here

WEG 2022 Upcoming Events


Women Supporting Women

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Women's Empowerment Group?

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Kyetah Bryan

WEG Program Director

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