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Join us for our next WEG Workshop

"10 principals to achieve overall success

About this Event

Are you looking to achieve success in all aspects of your life? This workshop is for you! Unlock all the keys needed to take the next steps!

This workshop will include fascinating disciplines for determined women yearning success and interested in crafting a financial legacy. With vision and fortitude, knowing you can do anything you put your heart to.


Wealth and prosperity may be difficult topics to either understand or discuss, but we will break it down with distinction from The NAHREP10, (The Hispanic Wealth Project). We will humanize concepts through our personal experiences such as: developing a top producer attitude, being ready for a recession and glowing from your best year yet. We’ll help you learn how to minimize debt, be happy and healthy exactly where you are at this very moment. Walk with confidence into a new motivated spirit to invest in your future wealth because NOW is the right time!

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