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Celebrating our Fabulous Friendships

It's Women's History Month and although we should be celebrating women everyday...we want to highlight a special group of women in our individual lives who make life a little sweeter.

Celebrating your girl tribe is important because no matter what life brings to you, the celebrations, the heartbreaks, the disappointments, the career search...whatever it may be....your girlfriends will always be there. One of our very own tribe members...Kyetah Bryan, the Women's Empowerment Group Director shared her story with her of her fabulous group of women who are a part of her world.


We call ourselves the Fab 6. We are myriad of characteristics - strong, willful, creative, intelligent, insightful, intuitive, and fun women. All of us are different, with different experiences, backgrounds, cultures, ambitions and drives but, yet, we connect on so many levels. I do not have biological sisters but, these five women make up the essence of me. They are my sisters. I have found some semblance of myself in each of them.

They are my rock, my lifeboat, and, at times, my sanity. They keep me level-headed and normal. They have seen me at my highest and celebrated me; they have seen me at my lowest and have cried and prayed with me. God has blessed me with sisters who love me hard. They cause me to be introspective by telling me the truth but also build and lift me up to be a better version of me.

We always enjoy our time with one another. There are days when we are on the phone for eight hours – talking, listening, sharing, staying silent – it is just something about being in one another’s presence that keeps us present to this world and allow us to be free in knowing that it is ok to be a woman, it is ok to feel overwhelm, it is ok to be weak and vulnerable, it is ok to be human and feel sad one minute and happy the next, it is ok to be ok with who we are now. We motivate each other into action, we are accountable to one another and we don’t let each other slack.

Together, we make sure each of our individual dreams, desires and aspirations are met. They are mothers, they are sisters, they are wives, they are self-made, they are professionals, they are wise, they are talented, they are filled with laughter and these are my sisters.

I acknowledge them. I celebrate them. I love them.

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