The Wonder Woman in You

Hello everyone! Woah did we have fun at this month’s meeting. We welcomed one of our very own board members, Executive Director of YMCA at White Plains, Heather Bell (Right). She took a very fun approach to her presentation - Channeling our Inner Wonder Woman. Dressing up as several superheroes, many other women who joined this month followed her lead. Of course dressing up is all part of the fun, but Heather reminded us that there is more to being a superHero than some great fashion…

She led a valuable discussion on how we all bring a special super power to the table. Maybe that power is the ability to speak publicly or to think creatively- the list goes on.

However, the key to success is to remember the value of your powers and that you are unique, therefore, irreplaceable.

Having this confidence, or understanding this fact, will help us when we feel weak or when we think we’ve lost that superhuman strength!

Thank you Heather for this motivational discussion! Also, we’d like to thank an amazing guest this month, esthetician at Stetiks Spa, Diana Hernandez! After a great presentation, Diana was generous enough to raffle off a free facial (a true specialty of hers) To one of our ladies. Told you it was a fabulous meeting!

Make sure you don’t miss out on any of the fun or empowerment next month! We will have details coming to you all soon!

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