WEI: Career Talk

This month WEI was honored to welcome Career Coach and Author, John Crant (right)! As a guest speaker for this meeting, he discussed with the group how to search for a job, what to expect during an interview, ways to build your resume and how to navigate Linked In! An expert on all of these topics, he shared his valuable thoughts with all the women and answered any questions they may have had. Whether or not you were able to join, feel free to check out his book, Self-Recruiter: Changing the Rules: How To Be Your Own Recruiter & Ride The Economic Crisis To Your Next Career Challenge., or visit his website at www.SelfRecruiter.com

After a very informative presentation, we welcomed back another guest speaker, Emeline Perez. After working hard on her own personal project, she was finally able to share with us the launch of her book club- encouraging women to engage with literature by discussing their thoughts together! Following this announcement there was also a raffle in which Emeline provided winners with books! WEI was happy to have her join us again and to congratulate her on her success.

We look forward to having you join us next Month so that we can continue to not only guide you on your path to success, but to celebrate the success you have achieved thus far! Stay tuned for

dates and details!

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