Starting the year off with a Vision!

With each breaking in of a new year comes a new opportunity… An opportunity for a new you, a new beginning, or a fresh start. What better way to start this year than with a vision of all the change you want to see? Well, that was our approach at this month’s meeting!

We began the event with guest speaker, Toni Marinucci. The Registered Dietician offered expert advice on changes that we could implement in order to lead a healthier lifestyle. She emphasized the importance of setting realistic goals in order to make our goals attainable. If you were not able to join us for this wonderful, informative discussion, feel free to visit her website to check out her services and blog!

After our conversation regarding a healthier lifestyle, we welcomed our next guest

speaker, Virginia Gill, LMHC. This insightful woman, who also serves on WEI’s board, briefly spoke about some transitions she had personally went through and how having tools such as a vision board were instrumental to her success. Utilizing boards, magazines and markers provided, the rest of the ladies in the room then proceeded to make their own vision boards!

This therapeutic exercise also allowed the ladies to share their dreams with one another, creating a stronger sense of sisterhood. A huge thank you to all who joined us in a memorable evening! We look forward to seeing what next month’s meeting brings about. Keep an eye out for details!

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