Overcoming Public Speaking Phobia

Imagine this: it is your first presentation of the semester. Sure, you’ve done this before, but the class size is huge and your professor is everything you aspire to be… there is NO room for error. Everyone’s eyes are on you- the room so silent, you can hear a pencil rolling on the floor. Your heart is racing as your professor states “You may begin”.

There is an evident nervousness that can be heard in your cracking voice, hands are trembling and now the faces of your peers read confusion…

Sounds terrifying right? Or maybe even silly, as it does to me while I sit here reflecting on that very real, past experience. It only seems silly now because I suppose I have found more comfort as I practiced the skill of public speaking. However, for many of us, this is still the present reality of our experiences with speaking in front of large groups. That is why this month’s event was such a treat!

Whether it is for school, work or events- public speaking is a huge part of our professional and sometimes, even our personal lives (yes, even a toast at a wedding qualifies!) That is why this month, WEI welcomed Ferlie Armonte to share her advice on how to master the practice of speaking publicly!

A best-selling author, Ferlie is also recognized for many roles, including motivational speaker, certified life coach, resilience expert and certified image consultant. This versatile woman led an engaging presentation, in which she discussed the anxieties of conversing with large groups, as well as the methods used to overcome those common fears. The audience listened intently as Ms. Armonte discussed preparing for a presentation, putting on a performance while engaging a group, along with the importance of branding and networking oneself.

President and founder of WEI, Gina Avila, also offered her expertise during the discussion. Her experiences allowed the discussion to evolve, bringing to the center of the conversation breathing techniques, power poses, and even what to eat (or not eat) right before stepping in front of an audience. A Q and A allowed the attendees of this event to go deeper into the minds of these experts, while also allowing them to share their own insights from previous experiences.

A truly powerful and educational evening, important skills were strengthened at this month’s event. WEI wants to thank those who joined us and exchanged ideas in order to help each other grow! If you were unable to join this month, please consider coming next month, details will be coming soon!

Please join us, for we encourage all women to consider entering a space where we can truly support each other in our personal and professional development!

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