Spring Cleaning for the Mind, Body & Soul

Begin by coming to seated position. Where you are does not matter, but ensure that wherever you may be, you are comfortable. Now close your eyes…perhaps placing your hands on your knee caps, so that they are completely relaxed. Bring your focus to your breathing…In through your nose, filling your stomach completely with air (1,2,3)… Out through your nose, allowing your stomach to contract in and upward toward your spine (1,2,3)… Focus on this…your breath that is, for it is a powerful thing, completely essential to you as a living being. Allow this to bring ease to your body, now shifting your focus to your toes…. Awareness should gradually be brought to every inch of your body…anytime your mind drifts, or other thoughts creep in, bring your focus back inward to the many parts that are you….

If you have followed the directives listed above, you have begun entering the process that is meditation. This is precisely what we did at this month’s monthly meeting! The conversation and meditation was led by our guest speaker Priyanka Khemka. Presently working as a Consultant in Energy and Chemicals Industry in New York, she also volunteers her time with the Art of Living foundation. Having practiced breathing & meditation for almost a decade now, this knowledgeable individual was able to share with us a taste of the Art of Living Happiness Program.

The greatest attendance of all our monthly events thus far, 66 women were engaged in this month’s development entitled Spring Clean Your Soul. Priyanka began by discussing different meditation practices and breathing techniques, with emphasis on how both are beneficial to increasing energy levels while also minimizing stress or anxiety. After an informational session, accompanied by Reconnective Healer Karla Potter, the attendees of the evening were guided through our meditation…

Upon opening our eyes, Founder of WEI, Gina Avila, was curious to know how long we had meditated for. The meditation expert responded to this by asking how long we thought we had meditated for. To this, our president guessed, “Ten minutes?”

Much to our surprise, we were then informed that we had actually been meditating much longer… 25 minutes to be exact! Upon this discovery, we realized how a person can become lost in a meditation, consumed to a point in which the concept of time seems to disappear. This consumption, however, is not to be looked at negatively, but rather with a lens of fascination or curiosity. Sometimes it is necessary for our mental health, to disconnect completely from the stresses of life and reconnect with ourselves.

In the spirit of spring cleaning, we at WEI encourage all of you hard-working, powerful women to also cleanse your souls! Nurture yourselves and perhaps try these practices at home, especially if you were unable to attend this month’s affair!

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