Valentine's Month Celebration - A Workshop for Love

​​It’s February and even though Valentine’s day is over…Love is still in the air! Sometimes, that love may feel like it has been lacking. For example, have you ever felt frustrated that your partner just did not seem to know how to make you feel special or loved? Maybe all you wanted was a simple brush of their fingers through your hair, but instead you received presents you could have otherwise gone without. Before you begin to think that this means your partner is not the one for you, reconsider that you and your partner may just have a language barrier… a love language barrier that is!

Yes, much like our spoken languages, we all possess love languages, and that is exactly what our first guest speaker, Sophia Cruz, discussed at this month’s meeting. The graduate Student, who attends Mercy College, explained that there are five love languages, discovered by marriage therapist Gary Chapman: words of affirmation, quality time, receiving gifts, acts of service, and physical touch. Sometimes our love languages differ from our partners. Because of this difference in language it is important to understand our partner’s, so we can accommodate their needs when trying to express our love. However, unlike a language barrier, gumball love is something we cannot correct!

After a fabulous presentation, we were introduced to our next guest speaker, Melissa Leger. This relationship expert discussed the previously mentioned term Gumball Love. If

you’re wondering what this means, pretty much all of us who have entered the world of dating have experienced it. It usually starts with that person you just have the craziest

chemistry with. The passion, thrill, love…. It’s all there. I know, I know, you’re asking yourself, “So what’s the issue? That sounds like exactly what I am searching for!”

The problem is, this is just the beginning and it doesn’t last. After you’ve found yourself infatuated, daydreaming, and wedding bells are going off in your head… the object of your affection begins to change. Their behaviors become negative towards you, their mood shifts and they begin to pull away. However, there are still traces of “what was”, so you find yourself staying, withstanding the terrible treatment. How does one avoid this? Check out for more information!

A huge thank you to Melissa and Sophia for an exciting evening this month. If missed out on the fun this time around be sure to try and make it to next month’s meeting! Details will be posted soon!

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