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Advanced Excel Training Program

About the Program

The Advanced Excel Training Program is a 9-week journey into the depths of Excel that could transform the way you analyze, present, and act on data. With Excel being a staple in the business world, this course isn't just about using a tool, it's about leveraging it for impactful decision-making.


Participants will learn to create visually compelling reports, automate processes with Macros, and integrate Excel seamlessly. You will apply skills in real-world scenarios such as budgeting, financial analysis, inventory management, sales trend analysis, and HR analytics.

Position yourself as a valuable asset to potential employers by emphasizing the direct and transferable benefits of your analytical training. Make data-driven decisions and stand out in the competitive job market with our program.

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Excel Career Pathways 

​Proficiency in advanced Excel skills can be a valuable asset in various roles, offering versatility and enhancing one's ability to contribute effectively in data-driven decision-making environments.

Some of the many examples: 

  1. Data Analyst

  2. Financial Analyst

  3. Business Analyst

  4. Operations Analyst

  5. Supply Chain Analyst

  6. Marketing Analyst

  7. HR Analyst

  8. Management Consultant

  9. Project Manager

Excel Job Growth & Market 

  • As of March 28, 2023, the median salary for an Excel Analyst is $70,468 

  • On average, having Excel skills increased earning potential by 12% in a study of 27 million job listings 

Program Eligibility 

  1. Female 18 + years old

  2. Permission to work in the United States

  3. 1+ years of career experience 

  4. Have a passion for technology 

  5. Available during instruction hours 

  6. Access to computer and internet

  7. At least 1-2 years of basic/intermediate Excel knowledge and are currently using it.

Program Cost 

Excel Training Program - Live instruction includes:

  • 8 weeks of live instruction (20 hours) 

  • Weekly study hall hours (16 hours)  

  • 1 week of professional development (cover letter, resume, LinkedIn profile, interview prep) 

  • Career days with industry leaders and hiring managers 

  • Career Coaching

  • Job placement assistance upon program completion


Payment plans available

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Financial Assistance
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2024 Schedule 

Winter Session 

March 9th - May 4th

Saturdays 10am - 12:30pm ET

Fall Session 

Coming soon! 


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Program Director

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